Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All Party Conference gathered to debate only on the issue of Kalabagh Dam

Kalabagh Dam is Top Priority-Moonis Elahi

Pakistan has never been the best buddy of its neighbor India and most of the time the two can be seen fighting over issues in the international forums like the UN. Presently, India has found it amusing to dry out Pakistan by building dams on the Chenab river while Pakistani ruling party PMLN has been busy in devising strategies to make more money and send it to their children abroad. When Modi announced his decision to revoke the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) Pakistan rushed to the World Bank to refrain India from going ahead with it. Moonis Elahi, the young PMLQ politician had stated before that PMLN must take necessary actions to hit the nail in time and India would be stopped for good.


But, since it is PMLN's policy to leave every matter unattended no matter how important it may be, the dispute over IWT in WB wasn't followed up aggressively. Pakistan's lack of interest over the issue has already provided India the leverage it seeks and delaying a conclusion would certainly not be in the favor of Pakistan. Moonis Elahi has urged the government time and again to initiate building the Kalabagh Dam which is a permanent solution to India's threat. As the dam would not be filled with Indian waters, it can be a ticket to prosperity, an investment which would prove to be fruitful long term. While some prominent Pakistani politicians have taken up their agenda fueled by enemy funding, to criticize KBD without a reason, it has become a highly controversial issue. Moonis Elahi has reminded the incumbent government numerous times that if they please to really sort out the matter, it can be done very quickly. The solution lies in an All Party Conference gathered to debate only on the issue of Kalabagh Dam. Every party would be given a chance to represent it's province and either defend the dam or argue on it. A unanimous vote must be cast and all fears of the opposing parties must be cleared so that KBD may become a reality.


It is time to unite and discuss about Pakistan rather than personal interests. As our neighbors China and India plan on expanding their dams to overcome water and electricity shortages in their countries, Pakistan is busy building roads and putting more people on the streets. If we don't act today, the future would be dry and a thirsty Pakistan with severe climatic changes and many unknown diseases. Moonis Elahi says it correct that PMLN is risking the future of Pakistan through its looting spree while ignoring important facts such as the Kalabagh Dam. We need it now and shouldn't waste time over criticizing without proof. The black sheep must be thrown out who hinder Pakistan's progress and prosperity

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