Thursday, November 24, 2016

Moonis Elahi Says N League Govt Only Efficient In Announcing Shortfalls

Moonis Elahi Says N League Govt Only Efficient In Announcing Shortfalls

N League government on Monday confirmed the stock of petrol and diesel in the country were sufficient only for 13 - 14 days which is much lower than the average 20 days which is mandatory before announcing an emergency of shortfall. So, it is without a doubt that the country would face another petrol crisis similarly it had faced on 27 January 2015.  

Moonis Elahi is of the view that the government should learn its priorities and as a democratic government it should focus on serving the people rather than serving itself. In case the country dries up of fuel the entire nation would be shook and businesses would come to a standstill. According to figures released by the ministry of petroleum in a recent press release, the country wide stock of motor gasoline (petrol) is just at 225,674 metric tonnes (MTs) which is sufficient only for 13 days as per current average demand which is around 17,500MTs per day's requirement.  

Moonis Elahi said for a government which boasts of productivity and achievements, it is a true picture of its inefficiency and inability to rule the country. It will be the second fiasco in its tenure and Nawaz Sharif has learnt nothing from the past and still lives in a delusional world. While his Darbaris only live to laud him pointlessly the country seems to be running only by Allah.  

Moonis Elahi further pointed out, likewise, the press release stated that the countrywide stock of high speed diesel (HSD) was 466,821MTs. As per the current per day usage of HSD, which is around 27,310MTs it is only sufficient for 17 days. Owing to such incompetent rulers, the nation would have to suffer the crisis while the PM and his aides would still be roaming in their luxury cars and helicopters. The ministry has reported that two vessels carrying 17,000MTs of motor gasoline were waiting for berthing but it is unfortunate they are still on the waiting list. 

They should be offloaded on priority basis as delays in its berthing would cause a total disturbance countrywide. The ministry's worksheet revealed that the total countrywide storage capacity was around 301,593 tonnes of consumption coverage which is only sufficient for 14 days. Moonis Elahi said "This is an alarming revelation and the government must take war footing steps to increase the storage capacity. It is the capacity which was built way back in PMLQ's tenure and since then no government has focused to increase the country's fuel storage capacity."

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