Monday, October 31, 2016

Moonis Elahi Warns Govt Should See Writing On The Wall

Lahore 1st November 2016 - PMLQ leader and a parliamentarian in the Punjab Assembly, Moonis Elahi has pressed Nawaz Sharif should read into the severity of the matter and handle it sensibly with regards to Panama Leaks and security of Islamabad before it is too late. "PMLN is left with two options, 1) either the premier should present himself for accountability in Panama Case and disclose the name of person involved in the security leak or 2) act stubbornly and prepare to get weakened politically finding it hard to cling to power" said Moonis Elahi

While talking to DAWN on Monday, Moonis Elahi said it was impossible for the government to be unaware about the person behind the security leaks. "It is hard to understand why the Govt is taking so long to conclude its investigation in the security leaks." While adding on the current Govt stance to tackle Islamabad situation "taking extreme measures by blockading roads and arresting however it wishes is ruining PMLN's image and is of no service to democracy". 

An FIR has been registered against Moonis Elahi in Islamabad for allegedly sending a truck load of PMLQ party flags and sticks with regards to Nov 2. Some PMLQ leaders are of the view, PMLN targets Moonis Elahi son of former Deputy prime minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi as part of its vindictive policy. "It was a tactic used to deter us from the support we are lending to Imran Khan regarding Nov 2, but we are firm and are not afraid of fake cases" a PMLQ leader quoted. 

Moonis Elahi said his party workers would reach Islamabad no matter what. "Police have already arrested over 800 workers of our party from Gujrat, including MPA Vickas Mokal but we aren't intimidated by these antics and will reach Islamabad at any cost". Most of the workers are leaving for Islamabad from Gujrat a stronghold of Chaudhrys. "Police have raided residences of a number of our active members in Punjab, especially Gujrat" said a PMLQ office bearer. 

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