Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Moonis Elahi - Why KBD is For The Entire Pakistan

Ever wondered why we have such long hours of load shedding during the summer? We all know that Pakistan has no shortage of natural resources but it only lacks proper usage of the natural resources. Punjab, as the very name describes, five rivers which flow through the province has given it the name which is recognized all over the world. The province can prove to be host to eradication of load shedding from the entire country if the Kalabagh Dam is constructed. Moonis Elahi has once again highlighted the benefits our country can reap if the KBD ever becomes a reality.
Currently Moonis Elahi is the only politician vouching for the construction of Kalabagh Dam while the present PMLN Govt seems more interested in Bhasha Dam. It would not hurt if both dams are constructed but with the facts put forth by the young PMLQ politician, it certainly is lucrative and definitely aimed to benefit the entire country rather than just one region. Pakistan currently faces a lot of shortages and the issue of water shortage has started to surface now more than often. The Pakistan - India water treaty is one of the longest standing treaties between the two countries but lately the latter seems to find it amusing to revoke it.
While the Bhasha Dam, a project of the PMLN Govt aims to produce 4500 Megawatts of electricity, it is a very expensive project and can be a victim to shortage of budget in the middle of the project. The government would have to further apply for loans for its completion which means that the poor Pakistani will be pressed under more debt. We can only hope it doesn't meet the same fate as that of Nandipur. While the nation is confused whether the Bhasha Dam or Kalabagh Dam would be the most suitable solution for the nation, it has become more of a tug of war game where Moonis Elahi supporters favor KBD but PMLN supporters vote for Bhasha Dam.

Moonis Elahi, in most of his speeches has always urged his followers and the people of Pakistan to not think narrowly and support a cause because it is launched by their favorite leader. He has always said we must think as a nation and only support the cause for the sake of the nation. Unless we weed out the favoritism mentality Pakistan will still suffer and due to its suffering we as a nation will all suffer. It is time that Pakistani's study the facts and press the government to build dam which will be the dam for all Pakistanis.

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