Wednesday, December 7, 2016

PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashes en-route to Islamabad, no survivors 2016

PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashes en-route to Islamabad, no survivors 2016, Moonis Elahi

On Wednesday a PIA ATR - 42 aircraft PK661 crashed in the mountains of Havelian while enroute from Chitral to Islamabad. The ill fated plane was carrying 42 passengers along with 5 crew members and lost contact with control tower around 4:41pm. PIA confirmed the crash soon after reports about a plane gone missing began surfacing. One of Pakistan's famous personalities Junaid Jamshed was one of the passengers who lost his life in the crash. Moonis Elahi and all leaders of PMLQ expressed grief and sorrow over the tragic incident and a minute of silence was noted at the PMLQ headquarters.
Pakistan International Airlines, the flag bearer of Pakistan, has become controversial about its safety standards and battered planes. Owing to politically influenced hiring in the crew it has become over burdened and a hub of corruption. Moonis Elahi agreed to the nation's call to provide an fair inquiry into the cause of the crash which has shook the nation. People expressed grief and shock on social media and the entire nation criticized Govt's failure to make PIA safe after so many promises and claims which all proved to be false. Such incident will make PIA suffer more losses as more people will try to refrain from flying through the national airlines.
According to DAWN news the pilot had made a "MAYDAY" call minutes before the crash. Soon after the take off the left engine failed and the pilot informed about it but it the ground crew thought the plane would make its journey only on a single engine. The 7 year old aircraft has had history of being faulty but the engineers kept it flying. Moonis Elahi stated that during the PMLQ regime public safety was their major concern and the Rescue 1122 is a clear proof. PMLN does not bother itself with such issues it just needs an excuse to stay in the limelight and litter the Mall Rd with their posters.
The news of the crash became even more widespread with the loss of Junaid Jamshed who was on the flight. The Pakistani icon was on a religious tour in Chitral and was coming back to Islamabad when he boarded the ill fated PK661. Moonis Elahi has expressed grief over the loss of precious lives lost in the crash. We must learn from our mistakes but unfortunately the incumbent government has never learnt from the past. It continues to play with innocent lives and when a tragedy happens, all PMLN ministers vanish like they never existed. Will there ever be a fair inquiry over this crash? Will we ever see justice provided to the people who lost their lives? Only time will tell.

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