Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dilma Rousseff's Presidency Ends In The Wake Of Panama Leaks

Moonis Elahi Says President of Brazil impeached on corruption charges but Nawaz Sharif PMLN remain untouched despite proof.

Moonis Elahi questioned on what grounds is Nawaz Sharif still ruling the country despite being exposed in the Panama Papers. Brazil recently set a world wide example by stripping Dilma Rousseff of presidency after she was found to be involved in the Panama Leaks Scandal. When leaders of the state are hiding assets from their nation they cannot be trusted and must resign and present themselves for accountability.  

Moonis Elahi said Brazil has displayed true democracy in their country while Pakistan's democracy is actually kingship. PMLN's members have all stood up to defend their leader like Darbaris whereas in reality they should be questioning about his ill gotten wealth. When you defend your leader on corruption charges it clearly means that the entire party is corrupt and defends each other to save their own skin.   #President of #Brazil impeached on corruption charges but #NawazSharif#PMLN remain untouched despite proof.

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