Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Moonis Elahi Pays Tribute to Army Jawans


On the 51st Defence Day Moonis Elahi paid tribute to the martyrs of our army jawans. He said the nation is in debt of the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives to protect the homeland and indirectly the citizens who live in the country. While there are people who speak ill of our army, the patriots must distance themselves from such miscreants who are paid by the enemies to destabilize the country from within.

Moonis Elahi is undoubtedly a true patriot and the next generation leader of the nation. He has always stood for the poor and has raised his voice on issues that are really important for our beloved country Pakistan. His stance on Kalabagh Dam is clear that it is a must have for the survival of our nation. While he is widely known to be a leader in Punjab but has always stood for the rights of people living in other provinces as well.

Moonis Elahi has never spoken ill about our brave army that has thwarted India's efforts to raid our country a number of times. He has always supported the army in times of trouble and has pledged to devote his life for the cause of Pakistan. He actively participates in lifting Pakistan's image through his politics and has never aligned himself with those that work for the destruction of the country or our army.

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