Monday, September 5, 2016

Gullu Butts Rule While Innocents And Ambulances Denied To Pass

Moonis Elahi says it is the constitutional right for opposition members and people who have been affected by Government's brutality to protest when justice is denied. In the wake of PTI and PAT march, PMLN has ordered Lahore and Rawalpindi to be sealed with containers. Such acts will only incite violence and create mayhem.

  Placing containers on roads and barricading the routes have caused serious problems to commuters and especially the ill. While massive traffic jams are being witnessed ambulances are stuck in traffic and patients inside have no hope of reaching the hospitals in time. Moonis Elahi said had this been PMLQ tenure we would not have resort to such brutality against our own countrymen. It is astounding that PMLN thinks they own the country and all others living in it are aliens.

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